# 02/11/2013 Something Decided!


     I have decided to record something about my life every day.  I will write about what I did, how I felt, where I went, who I loved, what I ate, when I woke up and so on in order to improve my English and writing skills. One of my dreams in life is to publish my own book- a memoir. Life is a small thing for some people, but every second is precious and very important to me. If I was wrong one day, I can avoid making the same mistake the next day. Writing will also help me to make a plan for my future. Without any plans for the future, I might never grow and may always think the way I used to think. If I have a concrete plan, I can and should prepare to live the way I want to live and think the way I want to think. Many people recommend writing down your hopes and dreams so that you can frequently keep thinking about what it is that you want to do. Plans give us something to focus on and to strive toward.


     I like reading essays about traveling. I went to the Niles library to borrow some books written in Korean. I know that I should read English books in order to improve my English. Unfortunately, every time I went to library, I tried to find some interesting Korean books. I cannot understand English enough to comprehend those books 100%.  I will try to pick English books from children section the next time I go to the library.  I read the book "A traveler for Earth". I read it three times: once before I visited in India, once after I visited in India and now. One famous Korean poet traveled to India for a long time and he wrote about a variety of experiences gained from speaking with Indian storytellers, meditators, gurus and monks. As soon as I finished reading the book for the first time (before I visited India), I thought I should visit this place to get the same feelings that the writer expressed. He described India as an amazing, curious and unbelievable country and I could not wait for the experience of speaking with people in India. So I finally visited India and tried to talk with the people that I met. Even though the Indian people spoke English to me, I could understand some parts what they said. I strongly wanted to make an interesting conversation like in the book. I failed, but I could feel how friendly they were. The more I read the Indian story books, the more I wanted to travel there. If I have a chance to take a long vacation, India is the first place I want to go... Well, except for visiting South Korea.


Thank you, Candikanelane for your revising. :)

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