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     I have been in Chicago for one and half year in order to learn English perfectly.  I am so happy that I have had a lot of experiences with international friends.  But, right now I am wondering where my future will be.  After all this time here, I have not decided where I want to be; whether I want to stay here and make my future with my international friends or go back to Korea to my family.

     Since July 2010, I have been here with a goal of getting experience working in an American company.  My original plan where I arrived was to stay here for two years.  I figured on one year to learn English and the second one to experience working in an international company.  Now I am working in a Korean company as an IT administrator where I speak Korean every second of the day.  It is as  if I were in Korea.  The only chance I have to speak English is in this class.

     If I stay in the United States, there are many opportunities to learn English and to meet more foreign friends.  I expect that it would be easy to travel around the United States.  The prospect of traveling around the United States makes me very excited.  In addition, the United States has a better education system than Korea.  Many Korean parents come here in order to provide a good education for their kids.  There are libraries in every neighborhood and city in the Chicagoland area.  I enjoy going to library to read Korean books and be with other people.  I spend a lot of time in the library.  But, I have been lonely since I arrived here.  Sometimes I can't do anything because I miss my family and friends.  This experience of loneliness is something I never had in Korea.  I think I need a mate to share my life and my emotions.  I want to have someone on my life with whom I can be intimate.  This would help me overcome my loneliness.

     If I choose to return to Korea, I would be with my family. I have learned that I love them very much.  Returning to Korea would make me happy and I would be very comfortably surrounded by friends and social activities that would keep me bust.  But, when I think about finding the right mate and raising children, I experience stress.  Perhaps the thought frightens me.  In addition, getting a job in Korea would be more difficult than getting one in this country.  Korea is a very age-oriented society.  There are a lot of young people who want to get jobs and this makes the job market very competitive.  These young people have a competitive edge over me.  In Korea the normal course for a student, is to find a job right after graduation.

     Deciding between the two choices is not easy.  Whichever direction I go, I can see positive and negative aspects.  Neither place is perfect.  I want a good future for my family, my future children but especially for me.  So, I continue to stay here knowing that I am still deciding about which way is best for me.  Whichever road I take, I plan to have a bright future. 
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