I was born on a small island named Young-Do in Busan. Busan is the second largest city in Korea and a harbor city.  My family had moved to Seoul just before I entered elementary school.  I don't actually have any memory related to my birthplace.  The only thing I can remember is there was a small hill and a beautiful pebble beach near my house.  My mother talked to me about my crying when I was a baby.  I was a calm baby and not a crybaby who cried a lot for no reason.  Whenever I heard another baby's crying, I also started to cry like that other baby.  It was so strange to follow another's crying.
     There is no chance to live in the countryside in my lifetime.  I have lived in big citiesuch as Busan and Seoul.  I was astonished when I visited my grandparents on my mother's side.  Their job was as farmers, and they had been living in the countryside surrounded by the mountain in the north and river that flowed in front of their house.  It is the best place to live in this geographical location according to tradition.  The first day I visited there was so boring because I didn't know how to play outside with nature.  I was accustomed to playing with computer or game console machines.  I started to be familiar with a cousin who had been living there and played outside climbing the small mountains, swimming in the streams and catching fish using a net.  And I was surprised that he knew all kinds of names of plants and animals and even I began getting to know the difference between rice and wheat.  The end of the day in my grandparents' house, I was so sad and made an appointment with my cousin to meet again next time. After that, my parents didn't let me go there again because my mother's close relatives moved to the big city.  I miss the countryside so much. I wish I could live with nature after I retired.

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