## The English you can speak, 22 March 2010

Koreans don't like eating out by themselves, period. I guess 
having a meal is more of a social activity in our culture. You can see this in all types of places that sell food, from restaurants and barbecue places to food stalls and even convenience stores. Being a Korean myself, I guess I'm no exception. I have to admit that I would rather go hungry than go to a restaurant and eat by myself. In extremely rare occasions that I do that, I'm always self-conscious about what other people are thinking about me. This is quite different from Western mentality, where it's no big deal to have a meal on your own. We see Westerners enjoying meals alone all the time, especially if it's a quick bite. I think we just see some things differently.

# My opinion
I absolutely agree with this opinion.  It is almost impossible for Koreans, especially Korean students, to eat alone at restaurants and snack bars. I think that only a mature adult in Korea is able to eat by himself without feeling self-conscious. During a bicycle trip at 2002, I was dying of hunger and exhausted. As soon as I saw the pork buffet on the road, I rushed in there, even though I was alone. Feeling ready to collapse, I ate as much pork as I could, as fast as possible. When I was a student after my military service and most of my friends had already graduated, it was a chore to find people to eat with.  When I couldn't find someone to eat with, I went hungry rather than going to a restaurant and eating by myself.  I can eat by myself now, except when I am on campus.  As I get older, the most important thing to me is my health, so it is no big deal to have a meal on my own.

# Someone who is self-conscious is easily embarrassed and nervous because they feel that everyone is looking at them and judging them.
# Your mentality is your attitudes and your way of thinking.

# Extra Topics for Study Groups
1. Have you ever eaten out on your own?
2. How do you feel when you eat out alone?
3. What do you normally eat when you have to eat out by yourself?

# Two weeks ago = the weekend before last,
# Two weeks later = the weekend after next,

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