Time is flying.  It is been three months since I arrived here to learn English.  I don't remember how I spent the time and what I did during these three months.  I am learning how to live here.  I miss my family, my friends and the atmosphere of my home.  However, I am happy and thankful to have this experience because I am a student again.  I am also learning an American's life style.

     First of all, I learned the way to order at a restaurant.  In Korea, it is simple to order what I want to eat.  But, here there is a variety of choices to order such as the size of the dish, the kind of side dish and the drink.  I was confused to be asked so many questions about my order.  And when I ordered a hamburger the first time, I didn't understand a word, "for here or to go?"  Because it is common to eat the meal at the restaurant in Korea.  But now, after these past three months, I am good at ordering what I want to eat and the way I like it.

     Second, I was surprised at the price of the vegetables and meat at the supermarket.  The Korean food or dish is more expensive than Americans food.  I usually eat beef or pork at least one time a day because I don't have enough money.  Just kidding.  It is so much cheaper than I thought.  I was poor at cooking in Korea because I didn't need to prepare a meal.  I tried to cook easy meals such as a boiled egg, potato or egg scramble for the first month in the US.  I thought I should learn how to cook in order to save money and keep my health.  It is still difficult for me to prepare and eat a meal regularly, but it could be better.  Honestly, whenever I cook and eat the meals by myself, I sincerely appreciate my mother's effort.  I wish I had learned more about cooking before I came to the US.

     Next, the Americans cannot live without a car. Except when downtown, it is not common to get public transportation.  Near my home, Niles, there are only three buses per hour to go to the Jefferson Park station where I can transfer to the train to go downtown.  I didn't understand about a huge parking lot which is bigger than a mart.  I think the car is the icon of Americans and represents one's status.

     Finally, the most impressive thing I felt in the US is that there is a wonderful bike trail in Niles and in Illinois.  I love to ride a bike no matter where I go to mountains or on trails.  I am sorry that there are no mountains in Illinois.  But, I really enjoy riding on many trails.  The other good thing about riding a bike on the trails is to see many natural animals such as a herd of deer and squirrels holding acrons.  I was astonished seeing those animals in the trails.  Now, I think they are not only so cute, but also fresh.

     I am getting accustomed to living here and gaining some confidences in learning English.  It was a difficult decision when I quit my job to learn English.  Now, I ams so pleased with my life!
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