Describe the most exciting trip or vacation you ever went on. What happened? How did you travel? By car? Did anything funny or unusual happen on this trip?

The most recent trip I took was to Louisville which is introduced as "The smallest big city in America" in the travel book. I didn't know of Louisville at all until I was told by my classmate. It is famous for the Kentucky Derby which is kind of a horse race and the birth place of Kentucky Fried Chicken. During the Kentucky Derby every year, many of the fastest horses and spectators get together in Louisville in order to enjoy the Derby. There is no place to stay for the period of the derby unless you reserve the room in advance. I should have visited at crowded time.
 The second famous place is the first restaurant of KFC. I also visited that place imaging how delicious chicken is because of the origin. I thought the first KFC was a fast food restaurant as usual, but it wasn't. It is a sit-down restaurant. I arrived there around 10 am. My original plan was to eat the chicken of KFC as breakfast. But, the restaurant was prepared for lunch food and there was no breakfast menu. I was able to take a picture with a photo of Colonel Sanderson who had made the first one, but the lunch was not available at 10 am. Strangely, I didn't have enough time to wait and eat the food, I enjoyed the KFC chicken in the car on the highway. It is an unforgettable memory.
 Finally, I walked around fourth street in Louisville which is covered with some bars and restaurants. Unless you are over 21 and have ID, you won't enter this street. Unfortunately, there was nothing to surprise me and it is normal street. It is too crowded for me to drink and talk with others. I don't understand why the securities guard are in that area.
 Although I spent half if the trip time in the road, I can talk a lot with travel mates. And the people who I met in Louisville were friendly and welcoming. I want to visit again. If I here another chance to visit, I will see Ali's museum and the big bat museum.

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