Think back into your past. Choose one mistake that you OR someone you know made. What should / shouldn't have happened? Also, how could this situation have turned out differently?  If you OR he/she had not made this mistake, what might have happened?

I was a hesitated person. When I had to decide something, it made me nervous. After I chose one from other options, I knew it was difficult to change and was deserve its responsibility for me. To get rid of stress of choice, I was dependent. If I chose something, it should be my duty. So, I changed my mind. It is my life and I am in charge of my decisions. To pick the best result, I have to compare the options and choose one considerately. 
For example, the most important mistake in my life was to choose my major in computer science. Although I like technology and computers, it is stressful to work in and earn the money. It is fun enough. I should not have chose computer science. I might have decided my major related to a part of computer such as electricity or information analyst. The computer programmer must be creative to solve problem through a various kind of ways in algorithms. I should get a job related to computers which are not computer programs. Because I pick my major by myself, it is absolutely my responsibility.
This article was written when I took the unit 1 test. But I thought I didn't answer the right way for a question. What should I do unless I chose my major as computer science? As I already mentioned, I might work as a technician. I was good at assembling some electronic items and made a small radio yearly when I was an elementary school student in every science month, April. Before entering the university majoring in Computer science, I was going to have a chance to make and handle electronic components. I was perfectly wrong. Even though it is important to develop a software in the major, it is also very important to design a hardware to be based in a software. I am sorry that I haven't had any chance to design a small machine during my university student. I strongly recommend that high school students who have to choose their interest and major should consider the choice of the major in university as the beginning of their adult life!

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