Today is the coldest day this year. The worst thing is that tomorrow will be more colder than today. Keep my body warm not to catch a cold. Today two of my best foreign friends left to Korea to take a trip around Thai even though I have a few foreign friends who are almost teaching English. They are our university professors so they also have a long vacation as well as the students have from mid of the Dec to end of the Feb. I really envy them. It's almost impossible to take one or two months vacation when someone works for Korean company. If he would get one or two months vacation from his work place, it is sure that he must be fired and don't need to go back his office again. Anyway, whenever I meet foreign English teachers at university or SDA institute, I thought they enjoyed their life well and they were working without a big worry although every one has own problems. In the contract, the Korean young guys who are ready to graduate or start to work spend their wonderful and beautiful times among their life just to prepare to get a job and become a public officer. It is very very sad. Unfortunately I am not a exception. So I will try to enjoy every moment and do my best not to regret it at all. My small wish is to see the lovely bikini on which Alison put on. So sorry for Fiona what I tried to do which I never remember. Thank you for HS not to drink at all anywhere and to treat me well.
Apple | iPhone 3GS | 1/20sec | F/2.8 | 3.9mm | ISO-76 | 2009:12:08 17:49:11
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