A long long time ago, there was a wonderful place to live where it was easy to access water and guard from cold wind because of a high mountain. In heaven, that place was nice enough to live and God sent his son to govern peacefully.
 The son of God arrives in the territory, in the Korean area, and starts to treat the people. There are two animals, the bear and the tiger who want to be human, So they ask him to be human. He thinks about how sincerely they want to be human. He says to them, "If you guys want to be human, you should stay and live in the cave for 100 days, only eating garlics and mugwort." It is a test of patience. During 100 days, the tiger gave up this test. In the contract, the bear endures the tough period, the bear is finally changed into a human.
 The bear, not any more, the changed man get married with a woman. Their son "Dan Gun" is the person who built our first country, "Go Jo Sun". We are the descendants of the bear. And this is the origin of why Korean people like to eat garlic and mugwort.

 This is first essay in ORT. I am not good at writing both Korean and English. If someone is good at writing in Korean, it is easy to write in English. I already know that writing an article or keeping a diary in English is the best way to improve my English ability. But without feedback, it could be useless. I am always welcoming to get feedback from you guys. Thank you.
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