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Soju is the ultimate Korean drink made from sweet potatoes. Koreans just love it.
As many as 3.4 billion bottles (360ml) of soju were sold in Korea in 2008 alone.
That's about 93 bottles a year per person who are legally allowed to drink in this country. Amazing!
It's very cheap; only about on U.S dollar per bottle at a store and about three dollars at a bar. Soju has an alcohol content of about 20 percent: not as strong as whiskey but much stronger than a beer. It's served in small shot glasses and is always almost downed in on shot.
It's transparent as it doesn't have any color. It tastes the best when it's ice-cold, but you never drink it on the rocks. You can mix soju with beer and drink it like a cocktail, too.
Soju goes perfectly with spicy stews like gamjatang or with the Korean pork delicacy samgyeopsal. Just one thing though; you can get a nasty hangover if you drink too much of it.

# Soju is very popular in Korea, ranging from me to my friend to my father to and so on. Many Koreans would agree that soju is the ultimate Korean drink. Especially when I had some troubles, problems and worry, I tried to drink Soju a lot in order to forget that. Unfortunately, I always get a nasty hangover, even though I had drunk a little of Soju. I know I shouldn't have drunk too much, it's difficult to control my mind.

 The reason why I drink Soju is to make buddy more friendly at that time. The more we drink a lot with my friends, the more we feel like to be familiar with. Let's go drinking soju-!

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