## The English you can speak, May 5, Tuesday

Korea has many special days in May. First, May 5 is Children's Day. It's a public holiday that is celebrated for children. Parents normally take their children out to theme park or picnics. Children also receive gifts from parents or relatives on this day. And then, there's Parents' Day, which is on May 8. It's a day when children express their gratitude to their parents. People normally buy carnations for mom and dad and write them thank-you cards. Some take their parents out for a nice dinner. Lastly, there's Teacher's Day, which lands on May 15. This is a day when students show their appreciations to their teachers. Carnations and gifts are given to teachers by students on this day. Graduates also visit their alma mater to greet their former teachers or professors.

# First Tuesday in May is Teacher's day, second Sunday in May is Mother's day, and third Sunday in June is Father's day in US
# Which day does your birthday fall on this year?
# express one's gratitude = show one's appreciation = thank
# alma mater : Your alma mater is the school or university which you went to

# There are many anniversarys at May in Korea. So we call it a month of a family(가정의 달).  I also am accustomed to prepare some carnations for my parents and teachers. The reason why I gave them some carnations is to show my appreciation.
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