Makgeolli is traditional Korean rice wine made from fermented rice or other grains. If you drink just the top layer of the final product, that's called dongdongju. If you drink the bottom layer mixed with its natural sediment, that's called makgelli. It's amazing how what used to considered a cheap farmer's drink is now one of the most popular forms of alcohol in Korea! Domestic makgelli sales have been going throught the roof recently. Exports for the milky drink have also been steadily on the rise, specially to neighboring Japan. There are bars popping up left and right devoted to only serving makgelli. However, drinking too much makgeolli can lead to severe hangovers. The government recently held a contest for the best English name for makgelli. "Drunken Rice" came out on top.

Extra Topics for Study Groups
1. When was the last time you drank makgeolli? Where did you drink it?
2. Why do you think there has been a surge in the popularity of makgeolli recently?
3. Describe some good side dishes that go well with makegeolli.

# fermented : if a food, drink, or other natural substance ferments, or if it is fermented, a chemical change takes place in it so that alcohol is produced. This process forms part of the production of alcoholic drinks such as wine and beer.
: The dried grapes are allowed to ferment until there is no sugar left and the wine is dry.
# Sediment is solid material that settles at the bottom of a liquid, especially earth and pieces of rock that have been carried along and then left somewhere by water, ice, or wind.
: Many organisms that die in the sea are soon buried by sediment.
# hangover : If someone wakes up with a hangover, they feel sick and have a headache because they have drunk a lot of alcohol the night before.

I have been missing the taste of makgeolli since I came to the US. The price in America is more expensive than it in Korea. Whenever I go to the H-mart where I usually buy Korean foods, I always hesitate to buy it or not. The problem is that I can see the bottle of makgeolli frequently and will not let myself buy it.
Anyway, It was an absolutely essential item to take to the mountain every time. I don't forget a thrilling moment when I drank a cup of it on the top of the mountain after I was almost exhausted from climbing up. I usually went to the mountain with my sister where it is located behind my home. If I had nothing to do or was having a boring time at home, I would prepared an empty back pack including only a vacuum flask with hot water and would tell her that "it is time to walk." On the way to an entrance of the mountain, I stopped by the store for the bottle of makgeolli, some snacks and a cup of noddles. It took only five minutes to access the entrance from my home. I walked and talked with my sister under the tree breathing fresh air as much as we can. I didn't take any break time during the climbing on purpose and to make my body be tired out by the sweating of my brow. I reached the top of the mountain and achieve the confidence to overcome my pain. It is the best time to drink surrounded with the mountains. I don't forget the moment and am missing it so much.

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