## The English you can speak, 9 Dec 2009

Our parents' generation used to refer to winter as a season of hardship. However, Koreans now see the colder months as a time to get out and enjoy themselves. Beginners and experienced skiers alike take to the hills at popular ski resort like High one, Muju, and Phoenix Park. Thousands of skiers and snowboarders young and old hit the slopes all throughout the winter. Many of them get season passes, but there are ones who just purchase daily passes, too. Meanwhile, the international success of figure skater Kim Yuna has also created a boom in Yuna-wannabes. While it may not be a traditional sport, ice-fishing has also become a family-friendly activity. With the Winter Olympics 2010 just around the corner, the number of people enjoying winter sports in Korea will only rise in the months to come.

# If there is a boom in the economy, there is an increase in economic activity, for example in the amount of things that are being bought and sold.
# A boom in something is an increase in its amount, frequency, or success.
# If you can someone a wannabe, you are saying in an unkind way that they are trying very hard to be like another person or group of people.

## The winter olympic games, short track speed skating was famous in Korea because we have a lot of key players and a national athlete won the gold medal several times. There days, Kim Yuna is one of the most famous person in Korea and I'm also Yuna-wannabe. Last year, it's first time to take a snowboard in my life, even though I'm in late twenties. It was fantastic experience to hit the slopes and roll over into the snow. I didn't forget the taste of a cup of coffee on the snowboard in the summit. I thought the cold weather made the coffee be more tasty. I tried the bunny's slope just 2 times and moved the advanced course. I felt how dangerous snowboarders are and why they die.     

Posted by 아침형라이더