# The English you can speak, 09 March 2010

 The number of single-person households in Korea has been on the constant rise. Now, as much as 20 percent of Korean households have only one person. This is indeed a big change for Korea where family has traditionally been given emphasis. One reason for this increase is that Korean society is aging and there are a lot of senior citizens living by themselves. Another big cause is that people are putting off marriage or not getting married at all. Last of all, more and more people are getting divorced. Due to such trends, companies are making products to meet the needs of people living alone. There has been growing demand for single-serving food products or small home appliances.

# Extra topics for study groups
1. How many single-person households do you know of around you?
2. What are the benefits of living by yourself?
3. What are the drawbacks of living alone?

# A household is all the people in a family or group who live together in a house.

# My opinion
Some of my friends live alone or with his cats. I thought he felt lonely when he came back home and we were originally so lonely. He said the cats always welcomed him after he returned. I don't like the house without anyone. I tried to come home at the last.
If I live by myself, I would be a lazy person. I am very thankful to live with my mom. During a military service and traveling, I was dying to miss my parents. The best place I've been is my home. I expect to live with them until marriage.
Some of my friends told me to want to live alone when we were freshmen. At that time, I just tried to spend night time with my friends to play computer games, drink a lot and talk something, but their parents were not allowed to come back later around midnight. The reason they live alone was to stay with my friends and me till night. I was happy to be with friends. But, I am happy to live with my mom who always takes care of me, even though I am too old to do.
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