## Talk about the growing popularity of netbooks.
## The English you can speak, 09 April 2010

Nowadays, it is common to see people hunched over a netbook.  Netbooks are lighter and less expensive than conventional laptops.  Netbooks were first conceived in 2007.  They usually have less powerful hardware and storage capacity than their larger laptop counterparts.  All netbooks on the market support wireless networking, and many can be used on mobile telephone networks.  Most computer companies carry a netbook model, although the line between netbooks and laptops is beginning to blur.  Last January, Apple Inc. unveiled their long-awaited iPad.  While the iPad is technically a tablet PC, many consider it comparable to a netbook.  The popularity of netbooks will only grow in the future as people's need for a light portable computer is on the rise.

# My opinion
I love to play with the newest gadgets such as the iPhone, netbooks, PMPs and so on.  I think the iPhone, an all-in-one gadget, is the best smart phone in the world I've ever used.  Using the iPhone, I can call my friends, check my email, watch video clips, listen to music, or keep in touch with others through instant messenger, Facebook or Twitter, at any time, and anywhere.  It is also small enough to carry in my pocket.  It therefore has the advantage of portability.  I bought a small netbook, Asus EeePC 701, which has a 512 mb memory, a 7 inch screen,a 4GB hard disk, and weight only 0.89kg in a Taiwanese duty-free shop when I was traveling by bicycle.  It surely is lighter and smaller than normal laptops.  However, it is still a chore for me to carry anywhere because of its weight and size.  Therefore, I am eager to use the iPad in the near future.  I am convinced that the iPad will absolutely change our life style, for example reading books, surfing the web, watching TV, checking email and related computer activities.  For men and women of all ages, it is easy to use.  Without reading the manual for the iPad or the iPhone, we can use them intuitively.  I am looking forward to getting the iPad in Korea as soon as possible.

# If you hunch forward, you raise your shoulders, put your head down, and lean forwards, often because you are cold, ill, or unhappy.
# A conventional method or product is one that is usually used or that has been in use for a long time.
# If you conceive a plan or idea, you thing of it and work out how it can be done.
# Someone's or something's counterpart is another person or thing that has a similar function or position in a different place.
# When a thing blurs or when something blurs it, you cannot see it clearly because its edges are no longer distinct.
Inc. is an abbrevition for Incorporated when it is used after a company's name

# Extra Topics for Study Groups
1. What kind of computer do you use?
2. Do you prefer netbooks to laptops?
3. Are you considering buying an iPad?

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