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In 2004, the Seoul Metropolitan Government did a complete overhaul of its public transportation system. Each bus type is colored differently, depending on its category. Green buses, called 지선버스, mainly operate routes between major subway stations and residential areas. These local buses are marked with a four-digit number and a big "G" for green. Blue buses, called 간선버스, run on the main artery roads in Seoul, connecting suburban areas to downtown. These buses have a three-digit number and a big "B" for blue. Red indicates inter-city buses, linking major areas of Seoul with outer metropolitan satellite cities, such as Ilsan and Bundang. Called 광역버스, they have four-digit numbers and a big "R" for red. Yellow buses, called 순환버스, run on a circular route around major business and shopping areas within downtown Seoul. These bus numbers have just two digits and a big "Y" to stand for yellow. In addition, each district has smaller neighborhood buses marked with two-digit numbers that make frequent stops on a more limited route.

# If you overhaul a system or method, you examine it carefully and make many changes in it in order to improve it.
# Arteries are the tubes in your body that carry blood from your heart to the rest of your body.
# You can refer to an important main route within a complex road, railway, or river system as an artery.

## In this article, I can easily understand which different colors of buses are and its meanings. Actually, yellow buses are rarely driven in downtown. The only time I see yellow one is on the way which I went to Nam-san. Before this public transportation system was introduced in 2004, I should pay a fare every time whenever I got on bus or subway. Now, it's free to change your ride both bus and subway in a certain time with a little extra money, if you pay one time to get on bus or subway. But, 5 years ago, if you wanted to change your ride, you had to pay again. So, I didn't think about transporting from bus to subway or from subway to bus since I wanted to pay a fare only one time. Anyway, these days, it's very convenient to use a public transportation system.

# Do you know what the four different colors of buses in Seoul are?
# What do you think of the public transportation system in Seoul?
# Explain how to get to your school or office.

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