## The English you can speak, 22 April 2010

Seoul's Subway Line 2, or the Green Line, began construction in 1978 and was completed in 1984. Line 2 is a circular line that loops around the city. It is the most heavily used line in Seoul. At 60.2 km, it is the longest circular subway line in the world. There are 53 stations on Line 2, 19 of which are transfer stations. At some point, Line 2 intersects with all of the other 8 subway lines. Beginning in 2005, platform screen doors were installed on Line 2 for safety reasons. One of the most well-known stations on Line 2 is Gangnam, which is on the south side of the Han River. Gangnam Station is the busiest station in the entire Seoul Metropolitan Subway system. Approximately 126,000 people use Gangnam Station every day.

# My Opinion
I prefer taking the subway to taking the bus.  I can easily find where I am and which station is on the subway by watching the board.  I think the Green Line is always crowded because it is a circulating line that loops around Seoul.  Taking public transportation, it is very convenient to move around the capital area in Korea.  When I visited Malaysia, I couldn't understand that I had to pay a fare again when transferring to another subway line. I wasn't accustomed to paying a fare for each subway line, so I spent a lot of time finding the best way using the subway map.  I think the easiest way is taking the bus to move around, I didn't want to get lost in KL. Anyway, the good thing for me about taking the subway is that I can read books and watch video clips on the subway, but I can't on the bus. I get dizzy on the bus if I read. To prevent that, I just look out the window or think about trivial matters.

# Extra Topics for Study Groups
1. How often do you take the subway?
2. Which line do you use most often?
3. What is your favorite thing about the subway?

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