## The English you can speak, 1 Jun 2010

The English-learning craze in Korea shows no sign of stopping anytime soon. Students start their English studies from as early as in kindergarten, lasting all the way into college. Many parents will sacrifice other expenses to send their children to private language institutes. In 2009 alone, roughly 7 trillion won (or $6.3 billion) was spent on private English education in Korea. People also learn English through online video lectures, educational programs on TV or on the radio. In fact, many people look to EBS(Educational Broadcasting System) for such programs. EBS provides some of the best quality contents in English education for all age groups. Adults aren't exempt from the English fever either. Those fresh out of college continue to study English for better career prospects. Many in their 40's, 50's and 60's study the language just for the fun of it.

# My opinion
I absolutely agree with this article. One's English ability is the most important thing in Korea. Everyone makes an effort to learn English, and so do I. The reason why Koreans are dying to learn English is to get more chances in the workplace and for a better life. If someone is good at speaking English, it will be helpful for his whole life. In my case, my major was computer science and there are up-to-date books written in English about the newest technology. I need to improve my skills so I can read English books quite freely. And I also like to travel abroad, so it is essential to speak English in order to make foreign friends or reserve accommodations. Finally, I often search for some information through the internet. I am limited to searching the internet in Korean, so I want to be more skilled at English.

# Extra Topics for Study Groups
1. Tell us about your experience of learning English.
2. What are some problems with English education in Korea?
3. How do you help your children learn English?

## Today's expression
If I speak English very fluently, I think I will get lots of chances to get a job.

If I spoke English very fluently, I think I would get lots of chances to get a job.

If I had spoken English very fluently, I think I would have gotten lots of chances to get a job.

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