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Today, the Korean TV audience enjoys a whole array of cable TV channels. First, it is the age of round-the-clock news media, and Korea is no exception. YTN and MBN are Korean version of CNN and CNBC. There are channels dedicated to movies such as OCN, Super Action and XTM. Channels like Olive, On Style, and GTV satiate Koreans' appetite for talk shows, foreign dramas, sitcoms and reality programs. There are channels that specialize in sports like MBC-ESPN, SBS sports, KBS N Sports, XSports, and J Golf. With Korea being the world's online gaming capital, there are even channels solely devoted to e-sports such as MBC Game on OnGameNet. There are also music and entertainment channels such as Mnet, MTV Korea, ETN, and TvN. Of course, Korean students rely heavily on educational programming. Channels like EBS+1, EBS+2, EBS English and JEI target that demographic.Of course, there are also tons of home shopping channels. Last of all, a channel called Arirang TV creates various programs to promote Korea and aims at bringing Korea to the rest of the world.

# round-the-clock : all day and all night without stopping
# If something such as food or pleasure satiates you, you have all that you need or all that you want of it. often so much that you become tired of it.
# In business, a demographic is a group of people in a society, especially people in a particular age group.

## When I had installed a TV-receiver card on my computer in freshman of university, I spent many night thoughtlessly just to watch cable TV programs. I think I was addicted to watch e-sports and american TV dramas. My favorite computer game was Starcraft which is a military science fiction real-time strategy game. I loved to play it with my friend all night and played very well. But, now I prefer just watching the game to playing because other plays very well, so I was almost defeated and it makes me sad. Anyway, I make an effort not to watch TV and try to do some exercise. The reason is that whenever I watch TV, time goes very fast just to sit on my couch or to eat some snacks. So, I don't want my wife to buy a big screen TV in our house, even though it's custom for bride to buy a new TV when she get married. If there is a TV show and TV drama I'm interested in, I try to find out how interesting it is through the internet and can easily download it and watch only that program. There are many commercials that make me bored on TV.

# Do you have cable TV service at home? How much is the service?
# Which cable TV channel do you usually watch? Please explain why.
# Have you watched e-sports on game channels?
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