## The English you can speak, 21 Oct 2009
Biking in Korea is enjoying something of a renaissance these days, and it's not without reason. Our parks and streets have become much more bicycle-friendly. Not do people only use their bicycles to get exercise but more and more are also using their bikes to commute. Biking provides a myriad of health benefits. After a few weeks of consistent biking, you will start to notice the benefits of it. First, cycling gives you a good cardio workout. Your endurance improves and your circulation gets better, too. Of course, the environmental benefits are not to be downplayed, either. Taking your bike to work means there's one less commuter clogging up our congested freeways. Last but not least, biking saves you money as you don't have to pay for gas or sign up at a gym.

# My opinion
I love to ride my bicycle to commute since I had wanted to lose some weight. Riding a bicycle in Korea becomes more popular and favorite than before because the government start to be focused on building a cycle route along rivers or beside road. It is very useful and safe to ride on it. So I made it a rule to commute using my bicycle in order to exercise regularly except for rainy days. It only takes about 30 minutes to go school by bicycle along a road by the river. I not only save my transportation costs but also get some exercise to keep my health. I agree that I kill two birds with one stone by riding my bicycle when I commute to school.
My hobby is also riding bicycle and a bicycle trip. In 2002 the year of the Korea-Japan World Cup, I went to all of 10 World Cup stadiums which are located all around my country by bicycle, even to Jeju stadium which is located on Jeju island. It was fantastic to catch a ferry with bicycle and watch the sunrise and sunset on it. I was able to reach the Jeju island while I were asleep in the ferry. Whenever I think about going the any stadiums, I feel very excited. If it is possible, I truly hope that I will go around all of the stadiums again.

# If something experiences a renaissance, it becomes popular or successful again after a time when people were not interested in it.
# "Bicycle-friendly" describes policies and practices which may help some people feel more comfortable about traveling by bicycle with other traffic.
# If you commute, you travel a long distance every day between your home and your place of work.
# A myriad or myriads of people or things is a very large number or great variety of them.
# cardio : connected with the heart, This is an aerobic exercise, which mostly burns calories and fat and makes the heart strong.
# Endurance is the ability to continue with an unpleasant or difficult situation, experience, or activity over a long period of time.
# Your circulation is the movement of blood through your body.
# If you downplay a fact or feature, you try to make people think that it is less important or serious than it really is.
# When something clogs up a place, or when it clogs up, it becomes blocked so that little or nothing can pass through.

# Extra Topics for Study Groups
1. Where do you normally go to bike?
2. Describe your bicycle in detail.
3. Tell us about when you learned how to ride a bicycle.
4. What are the benefits of bicycling?

# After talking with Alison-
I am almost late to go the Language Center to meet her because it is so far from a building I stayed. Anyway, only Alison came to the language center today in order to take a English Clinic and all the other professors didn't come due to a winter vacation. She said she had no reason to go outside except for a English clinic. Since it was so cold in her office, we moved to school cafeteria to drink a hot coffee and to talk about bicycle which I prepared. During talking, a strange student tried to join in our conversation, saying that "If it is not an interruption, I want to talk you-". After that, he explained his backpack trip in Egypt, Israel and the Middle East with a strong will. And "Are you guys students~?" he also asked us. Seeing Alison, he said "She looks like an exchange student." So, I laughed out aloud clapping my hands at hearing that. What a cute Alison-! Anyway, I appreciate his courage to try to talk with us even though he didn't know us at all. I hope his dream should be come true. Thanks, Alison to give me a sweet coffee.
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