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In North American culture, living with parents after college is seen as a very unattractive thing to do. This kind of person has the image of being an unemployed and overly dependent individual. For Koreans, however, it is totally natural and even expected to live with parents until marriage as long as the circumstances allow you to do so. This custom is rooted in Korea's agricultural past, in which children were expected to work on family farms. Also, some young, single adults nowadays live with their parents for practical reasons. It is very expensive to move out and live by yourself, so living with your parents helps you save money. Based on time-honored traditions, a woman leaves her house upon marriage only to move in with her husband's parents. Although this has become much more uncommon today, many parents of the husband still live with their married sons.

# My opinion
It is a Koreans' tradition to live with their parents until they get married. I also want my children to live with me until marriage if my children want. For Koreans, actually, it is impossible for university students or young age to find or lend a house because it is too expensive. After I start to work, I made it a rule to save money which I earned about 70-percent every month. If I kept my saving for 10 years, I could buy a small apartment by myself. Since the parents want their sons and daughters to marry, they gave children big money to support buying a house when they get married. So it is a good excuse to live with parents to save money.

# Extra Topics for Study Groups
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1. Until when did you live with your parents?
2. What are the pros and cons of living with your parents in college?
3. How many of your friends lived with their parents even after school? 
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