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Conveyor belt sushi places are a quick and popular way to get sushi in Korea.  It is most frequented by families and people who want a taste of various types of sushi.  A rotating conveyor belt winds past the customers, who pick up their favorite dishes from the selection that the chefs put down on the belt.  Utensils and condiments can be found near the seats so that the customers can help themselves.  There are several different color plates, which indicate the price of the dish.  Customers can also specially order a dish if they can't find a dish to their liking.  At the end of the meal, a waiter comes and adds up the prices of the plates in front of the customer. These places are popular among office workers who want to grab a quick bite for lunch.

# A chef is a cook in a restaurant or hotel.
Utensils are tools or objects that you use in order to help you to cook or to do other tasks in your home.
# A condiment is a substance such as salt, pepper, or mustard that you add to food when you eat it in order to improve the flavour.

# My opinion
I like to eat sushi and sashimi.  Whenever I find a conveyor belt sushi place called "회전 초밥", I try to go there.  The restaurant where I usually go near Konkuk University has a fixed price of 1,000 won for every plate.  At the start of the meal, I am fond of ordering a grilled egg sushi which is a kind of an appetizer.  After that, I eat all kinds of sushi and drink a cup of beer.  The reason why I like to eat at conveyor belt sushi places is that I enjoy eating various types of sushi.  At the end, there are also some dessert plates with oranges or watermelon.  What a wonderful meal! Conveyor belt sushi is really to my liking!

# Extra Topics for Study Groups
1. Have you ever been to a conveyer belt sushi place?
2. What's your favorite type of sushi?
3. How often do you go to get sushi?

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