The English you can speak(입이 트이는 영어) 1 May, Friday

Today, Korean women are much more active in the workforce. 
The main reason is that woman now enjoy an equal amount of education as men.
Hence, more and more women build their careers and become financially independent.
Many of them put off marriage until they are in their thirties or even think marriage is not a necessity.
Even when they are married, most of them continue their careers. 
Plus, with the constant rise in housing and education costs, double income families have become the norm in Korea.
I think it' a great thing for the country.
Without having women in the workforce, we'd be losing 50 percent of our national capacity.
Women will help Korea make it to the next level of global competition.
For that to happen, husband and society as a whole will have to beome more involved in childcare.

# It's an absolutely different meaning between 사회생활 in Korean and social life in English.
# Your social life involves spending time with your friends, for example at parties or in pubs or bars.
# I agree that many of women think they don't need to get marriage. So, more and more women are behind in their marriage. There are always good and bad points. The good thing is, as already written by the book, women make our country to the next step of competition. In contrast to, the time of the women who birth first baby is delayed.
Posted by 아침형라이더