I learned about American History this week with Whitney. I heard the American history is short at the least 300 hundred from the time when the Columbus found the American continental. Surprisingly, there are a lot of heroes in American history such as George Washington, Theodore Roosevelt, Thomas Edison, Abraham Lincoln, and so on (I talked and explained about Roosevelt. The other students explained 5 more american historical heroes.. Unfortunately, I don't remember the names... Oh~ my god) and the teacher, Whitney knows every historical person well and without any paper she asked us some questions related historical person.
After class, I counted that how many American famous person I know. John, F Kennedy, Wright brothers, Micheal Jordan, Micheal Jackson.. but. um...such a forgettable memory. The homework is to search someone who has historical events and explain in our class. When I was young, I like to read the biography of a great person. I am curious about the way how spend their life time well.

This is an interesting question. There are some secret in the below 2 sentences.
Find out the answer.

a man a plan a canal panama
able was I ere I saw Elba

The answer is a palindrome which is a word or a phrase that is the same whether you read it backwards or forwards, for example the word 'refer'. (drag it)

There is an awesome trail near my house. In Korea, running at Jungrang-stream side road is sometimes boring and dangerous because of a bunch of people and bike. On the contrary to this, I was always welcomed by some kind of animals and huge trees. I made it a rule to run every morning for 20 minutes. If I buy a bike, it must be more exciting while I ride my bike in this trail. The more awesome thing is that there are many trails near IL with the nature. I am so excited to ride my bike in the near future.

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