## The English you can speak, May 7 Thursday

When you shop online, you first carefully browse through items and compare prices. Although you can't actually see the items in person, you can look at their pictures and also refer to the reviews other buyers have posted. Once you've found something you like, you click on it and put it in your virtual shopping cart. Then, you log in and punch in the address to which you want your purchase to be delivered. Some retailers offer free-shipping if you purchase over a certain amount. After that, you use a valid credit card to make the payment. In Korea, you can also pay through money transfers or even with your cell phone. Once you are done with your checkout process, you can track the shipping process online. Finally, if you do not like what you have received, you can always send it back and get a refund.

# In Korea, the online shopping is very popular in any items from clothes to food to the necessities of life. The reason why Korean like the online shopping is very convenient. You just click items and just wait them until they'll be delivered. And strangely, online items are almost cheaper than offline ones. I don't know why, I agree that one of the important thing I choose the online shopping is the price of product. And I always check the reviews other buyers have posted when I buy something. I can't trust the advertisements because it always show me the good points of products. Reading the reviews, I decide whether I really need it or not.

Posted by 아침형라이더