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Newly-coined words in Korean pop us all the time. "Um-chin-a" refers to a youngster who is well-educated and very successful. It's short for "엄마 친구 아들", which literally means "the son of my mother's friend." "Ji-mot-mi" is short for "지켜주지 못해 미안해," and it means "I'm sorry I couldn't protect you." As more and more Korean women are active in the workforce, Koreans are also familiar with the term "alpha girl." "Alpha girl" typically describes a strong-minded independent female, who has a successful career. A silmiar term is "gold miss," which refers to a single female in her mid-to-late 30s, who has the same traits. There's also the "alpha mom" and the "beta mom." An "alpha mom" refers to a mother who is closely involved in her children's education and upbringing, whereas a "beta mom" refers to a mother who lets her children grow themselves.

# Googling means searching the web
# These days, there are a lot of newly-coined words in our society, especially in young ages. I don't know what meaning is because the young create their own words to sperate other friends. When I heard the strange word first time, I'm so curious about the meaning. After knowing of the meaning of word, I can easily understand it.
# "Alpha mom" and "Beta mom" are interesting words. My mom has been really an alpha mom since I was in highschool. On the contrary, after I entered the university, she absolutely changed to beta mom. I was too free to control myself after I was a univerisity student. She thought she didn't focus on me any more and feel free herself. Sometimes I look back on the past that mom told me everything.
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