I have a dream about working for a networking company. I don't forget the time I connected with internet using the telephone line when I was a high school student. It was so amazing to communicate with anyone in the world through the line. Nowadays we cannot live without computers docking the network. I want to take part in a networking company and work with my skills and interestes. 

First of all I love to spend my time handling computers and networking devices such as routers huhs and wires. The networking department is a stressulful enviornment because technicians are always standing by 24 hours. But I can deal with times and keep up with new computer networking skills. 

Second I also have a good networking understanding. In order to solve networking interruptions, it is essential to know and manage the networking equipment as an expert. I had already taken networking courses especially cisco company. I am sure I know the terms and can follow instructions well. 

I have appropriate skills and interests. my career goal is to work as a network design professional. I am taking ESL classes at ORT now. After finishing my ESL classes, I will try to apply for company in the network field. I can fulfill my dream and help the networking area. 
Posted by 아침형라이더