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Korean rice cake, which is called dduck 떡, is a typically type of snack food most Koreans enjoy. It's one of the most popular party treats as well. There are well over a hundred different varieties of dduck in Korea. First of all, there's the "ga-rae dduck." This is the kind used in soup and in dishes like dduck-bokki. Basically, it's made from rice that is ground up, steamed, and rolled into thick noodles. And then there is the "special occasion dduck." Most of those are quite sweet. My favorites are injul-mi and song-pyeon. Injul-mi is made from sticky rice coated with bean powder. Song-pyeon is rice cake stuffed with things like honey and sesame seeds. Both are normally a little smaller than the size of ping pong ball and are easy to eat.

# If something has variety, it consists of things which are different from each other.
Stuffed animals are toys that are made of cloth filled with a soft material and which look like animals.
# If you stuff yourself, you eat a lot of food.
 - I could stuff myself with ten chocolate bars and half an hour later eat a big meal.
# If you coat something with a substance or in a substance, you cover it with a thin layer of the substance.

## I actually love to eat the Korean rice cake, dduck. If you are Korean, I'm sure that you like dduck. Dduck has been our traditional food until long long time ago. In our special day such as the baby's 100 days, first birth day, one's 60th birthday and on so, we usually prepare some dduck in order to celebrate our days. Ranging from young and old, men and women, dduck is one of the most popular food in Korea. My favorite is song-pyeon which is stuffed with sesame seeds and it's very delicious and we made it in Korean thankgiving day, 추석.
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