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The gayageum is a Korean traditional string instruments with twelve strings. The body is constructed of a solid piece of paulownia wood. Several bridges(called anjok) support the silken strings. The right hand plucks the strings, while left hand vibrates the strings near the bridges. The geomungo is another well-known Korean zither with six strings. The front of the instrument is made of paulownia wood, and the rear plate is made of chestnut wood. Unlike the gayageum, the geomungo is played with a wooden pick, which is made from bamboo. The right hand plucks the strings with the pick, and the left hand presses down on the strings to create different pitches.

# Paulownia is a genus of between 6-17 species (depending on taxonomic authority) of plants in the monogeneric family Paulowniaceae, related to and sometimes included in the Scrophulariaceae.
# A silken garment, fabric, or rope is made of silk or a material that looks like silk.
# If you pluck a guitar or other musical instrument, you pull the strings with your fingers and let them go, so that they make a sound.
# If something vibrates or if you vibrate it, it shakes with repeated small, quick movements.
# A zither is a musical instrument which consists of two sets of strings stretched over a flat box. You play the zither by pulling the strings with both hands.

## My opinion
Actually, I couldn't recognize what they are. But, the sound from those instruments is wonderful and peaceful for Koreans. Because they are our traditional instruments.
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