Have you made any New Year's resolution?

First of all, I made up my mind a resolution every new year, which is to read 100 books per year. In order to come true, I had to read one book per every 3.6 days. It was very tough for me. Even though I had had same resolution for a couple of years ago, I never realized my ambition of becoming a selective reader. I changed my mind to fulfill my duty. This year, 2011, my first resolution is that I will read 50 books a year, half of fifty books should be an English books no matter which subject is. I am going to go to the library to find and borrow interesting books every Saturday.

Second, I want to improve my English skill as to communicate with a foreign person without misunderstanding. I have been living in the US for five months with the purpose of learn English. I gained confidence when I tried to speak in English. I can speak English in my own way. I am also able to ask anything when I don't know or understand. But the problem is that I can't absolutely understand what responder says. At first, it was easy for me to understand what other said in English. On the contrary to this, I don't exactly hear others' speaking. I will make an effort to listen English as much as can.

Finally, I really need to exercise. Although I love an intense workout such as riding a bike or running until I got a pain, I much prefer eating a piece of meat to doing regular workout. I am waiting for the summer time to ride my bike in a beautiful trail where is made for a rider. It is too difficult to run or ride a bike outside in Chicago. I registered Niles fitness center today not to offer an excuse which is that I can't exercise outside because it is too cold or snow. I hope that I go there at least three times a week for swimming or running indoors.

I make it a rule to decide new year's resolutions at the first week of every January. Whenever I made a plan, I hoped it should be come true even though it never come true. I wish I keep those promises with myself.
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